BBC: Edward to Ibrahim

Ibrahim Danby was brought up in a traditional Christian household but has now embraced Islam.

Ibrahim Danby’s mother was a Catholic and he describes his upbringing as ‘traditionally English Christian’.

It was at university that he first became aware of the Islamic faith.

“I wasn’t particularly looking for a new religion… I just happened to stumble across Islam, I had many friends who were Muslims.”


Having read a lot more about Islam Ibrahim ended up embracing his new found faith.

“I had no idea that after finding out some information about Islam that I would embrace it so this was a considerable life change for me.

“I was excepted into the mosque having never been in… with such sincerity.

“What I particularly liked about it was there was no hierarchy.”

His parents met the idea with some trepidation.

“All they had heard was about suicide bombers and the rise of militant Islam.”

In time his parents have come to accept his new faith. He says that his mother now understands his decision.

“She’s happy for me to be a Muslim. However, my parents still call me Edward, I have absolutely no problem with that, they gave me that name.”


Ibrahim’s faith has given him an enormous amount of contentment.

“When I do fall upon hard times I do find my faith in God really helps me.

“[Being a Muslim] is about putting something back in… which I think society is lacking today.”

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